Digital Distribution

EMG is a sound scan company that distributes all artists through Orchard/Sony. It provides this service for all artists, in order for sales to be counted and credited by Nielsen’s music measurement tools. EMG’s AtVenu account is used for reporting all physical sales. Artists have the option of choosing the digital outlets (including streaming) or the Big 3—Itunes, Amazon, and Google Play. View digital distributed projects.

Physical Distribution

EMG also distributes physical CD’s through its distributor New Day Christian. These sales are also counted and credited by Nielsen’s music measurement tool. Physical distribution is not guaranteed, however under consideration pending its radio and digital demand.


EMG has a team of award-winning, proven, and professional producers, led by Garland Miche Waller. EMG has had much success with talented producers, such as Austin Woodlin and Dennis Atkinson, at our fingertips. Its accomplishments as a company include 3 Stellar Award nominations in 2016.


EMG uses Edmondson Communications as their radio promotions outlet, led by Al Edmondson. Edmondson Communications is subcontracted to do servicing and tracking, and the fee is negotiated by Edmondson Communications.

Marketing & Promotions

EMG uses The Bellamy Group as its Marketing and Promotions outlet, led by Benita Bellamy-Kelley. The Bellamy Group is subcontracted to handle all aspects of marketing and promotions, and the fee is negotiated by The Bellamy Group.